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Kevin Trudeau is back at it! This time it is “Debt Cures they don’t want you to know about” NOT “Natural Cures that they don’t want you to know about.” I’ll tell you what, this guy must have the IQ of Einstein, because he claims to know everything about everything. Read this whole page and you will find out the shocking, but very real Truth!

Trudeau has produced hundreds of fake interview programs where he has sold Skin Care, Vitamins, Memory Improvement, Reading Improvement, Natural Cures, Weight Loss, and now Debt Cures. Incredibly, he claims to be an expert on all of them. Ten people would not be able to do all the things he claims!

Kevin Trudeau 's latest misleading info-mercial called “The Hot Seat,” is set up to look like the talk show “The View.” He uses 3 wanna be actresses, an ex-Playboy Playmate, and rehearsed call in testimonials to convince you that this is for real.

He promises that his "book" is a "tell all" about how to get an unsecured credit card with a $5K to $10K limit with bad credit, how to easily get yourself a Huge Government Grant that you never have to pay back, and that there are “2 secret words” that can solve all your debt problems while dropping your interest rates to almost nothing. More overblown hyped up claims just like all the others he makes!

If you listen closely to his newest miracle product infomercial you will find several contradictions. He tells you that this information can solve any credit problems and then turns right around and states that sometimes it is necessary to file bankruptcy! He claims that his book has the answer to everything and then gives away “bonuses” that supposedly tell you the same thing his book does.

And what are these websites he briefly mentions? This is a method he uses to hook you into an endless amount of “must have” products and get you paying on a monthly basis for them.

I will admit that he is very convincing and it is too bad he didn’t go to Hollywood because he is a very good actor. You better believe that he makes HUGE amounts of money and it certainly isn’t from selling $29.95 dollar books! He spends BIG Money producing these informercials so that he can bombard you with back-end sales offers and get thousands out of your pocket.

He teases you with the infomercial, but doesn't really give you everything he promises, so he can SELL it to you later!

The harsh reality is that he has been fined A LOT by the Federal Trade Commission(FTC) on numerous occasions and has even spent a little time in a Federal "Country Club" for making false and misleading claims and defrauding the public. He paid or is still paying $500,000 in cash and transferring residential property located in Ojai, California, and a luxury vehicle to the to the FTC to satisfy the $2 million monetary judgment against him.

There are Millions and Millions of people with Debt and Credit problems and Kevin Trudeau is using that to his advantage. Just like there are Millions of people who need to lose weight, improve their memory, get medical help, etc. If there are Millions of people needing something, all of the sudden, this guy is an expert on it!

As far as getting out of debt is concerned, I do not know of a magical way and neither does Kevin Trudeau. As a matter of fact, he will try as hard as possible to put you in even more debt!

You see when you call to order the book they will try to sell you a bunch of other stuff. If you don't want it and you tell them that, they will just send you the book, but there is yet another catch.

When you receive the book there's a little paper work and most people assume that it is a receipt, but there is more to it. The fine print tells you that if you don't UNAUTHORIZE you will start being charged by a company call W C Value Club. Of course it is Kevin Trudeau's company and you will need to cancel your credit card to stop the $19.95 monthly charges!

There is no need to get involved with Trudeau or any of these other so-called Debt Relief programs that are all over the net and TV. YOU DON"T NEED THEM! They will only rip you off for a bunch of money for doing what you can do yourself. After researching endless "Credit Repair" programs, the following are the only ones that actually deliver what they promise:


Top Credit Repair Programs
 (See Reviews Below)
Site Link Rating Guarantee Fee 5 of 5 60 Days $47.00
4.0 60 Days $49.00 3.5 60 Days $47.00
3.0 60 Days $49.00

5 out of 5

Rick Miller’s 24 Hour Credit Fix is firmly stationed on the top of our list and using this information will save you from getting robbed by some fly-by-night company. It is far and away the best do-it-yourself Credit Repair Program we have ever seen. The reason is simple: Rick is the REAL DEAL! He has years of experience as a Loan Officer with a Major Bank and really was the Manager of a Major Credit Bureau for almost five years. The  Rapid Rescoring and Quick Credit Repair Techniques you will be guided through will repair and even Increase your Credit Score FAST.

You will learn the techniques, tips, and tricks that Credit Repair Companies use to repair credit, but it won’t be a long drawn out process. Dragging it out is one of the main ways these so-called Credit Repair Companies justify charging you so much. This information puts YOU in control of this process!  Rick makes sure that you understand how to purchase a Home to increase your credit score, get unsecured loans and high limit credit card, settle your debts for a fraction of what you owe, and much more. All the time INCREASING your Credit Score unlike the so-called Credit Repair Companies that will ruin it!

 In short, you will know everything that Credit Repair Experts know and you can start using that knowledge immediately. The Bonuses alone that you receive from are easily worth the  price of the program. If you truly want to Repair Bad Credit and come out with an even Higher Credit Score this will absolutely show you step-by-step How To Do It. With the Bonus Material, On-Going Support, and Guidance 24HrCreditFix is the Best we have found bar none!

 One Time: $47.00

To check it out for yourself:
Click Here


4.0 out of 5

The Credit-Repair-Secrets-Revealed Guide is authored by David Reese. David has years of extensive experience with a well known Credit Repair Company. His insider knowledge and expertise in the actual workings of the Credit Repair Industry will help you achieve your objective FAST! David will take you step by step through repairing your own credit and therefore eliminates the fees and negatives associated with going through a credit repair company.

This Secrets Revealed Guide will give you simple techniques to repair your credit report at any major Credit Reporting Bureau and these techniques are extremely valuable for anyone with negative blemishes on their report. David will show you how to eliminate late payments, bankruptcy, charge-offs, tax liens, and others. This is all explained in easy to follow steps and there is no need for any outside help.

Every credit repair “specialist” will tell you that it is almost impossible to repair your credit and that it takes a long time. David Reese shows you how to repair your bad credit and do it now! This information insists that you stay away from online credit repair companies that basically take your money and do nothing, but let time itself take care of it.

David actually provides you with his private email address and it is this combined with the easy to follow information that ranks this as one of the best.

 One Time: $49.00

To check it out for yourself: Click Here


3.5 out of 5

David actually  is one of the better programs that we have tested. There is a significant amount of information and step-by-step guidance to help you with cleaning up you Credit Score. The is a lot of good information about correctiing errors, minimizing the effect of bankruptcies, repossessions, tax liens, and late pays.

You will certainly come out of this program with a very good working knowledge of how the system works and how to implement various techniques that will definitely help your credt score. This makes our list because it is not just hyped up information that is not tried and tested, it actually works! It is worth the money, but this is no comparison to  which you can get for the same price.    

One Time: $47.00

To check it out for yourself: Click Here


3.0 out of 5

Dave Moore created the Bad Credit Bomber to help those that are suffering through the negative emotional and financial consequences of Not-so-great Credit. A low Credit Score assumes that you have Court Judgements, Bankruptcies, and other serious issues when that may not be the case. If you do have those situations it does not have to be the end of good credit. And Dave shows you why in clear concise terms.   

This system will help you to clear your credit report  by following a clear cut set of steps, but you MUST follow the steps in the order specified. Dave understands that Credit Problems can keep you from leading a normal life and make you feel helpless, so he deals with those issues as well.

This is very complete and thorough information. It offers 9 letter templates. These are plug n play and can be systematically used in many different situations. Using these cut and paste techniques can be useful and sometimes, not so much. Dave is pretty good at helping you to understand where and when to use the specific tools. He also helps you to understand the loopholes in the Credit Bureau Process and repair your credit fast through uncomplicated and easy to understand strategies.

This program is relatively new even though the information is legitimate, but we have not fully seen all the results. It may move up in the rankings, but it will have to really show us something to justify the price. 

One Time: $67.00

To check it out for yourself: Click Here


Top Credit Repair Programs
 (See Reviews Above)
Site Link Rating Guarantee Fee 5 of 5 60 Days $47.00
4.0 60 Days $49.00 3.5 60 Days $47.00
3.0 60 Days $49.00

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