Ken Roberts

There is no doubt that Ken Roberts is one of the foremost marketers around today. His seminars are usually full, and plenty of people buy his courses.

Ken promises to tell you all of his "secrets" that the other guys don't know. That is the problem with programs like this, there is no way to verify if someone has actually accomplished what they claim!

Most of these programs are run by hustlers trying to make the quick Big Bucks, convieniently for them, there is no way to substantiate if they have actually put in the time and effort and done it themselves.

There are a lot of people who sing his praises and compared to similar "self professed" experts his information is relatively inexpensive.

You can purchase his Course, including his newsletter, for about $200. If you choose to attend a seminar your looking at upwards of $2000.

I always wonder why, if these guys are so successful, they sell courses rather than trading? Ken Roberts claims to have made around $60 million selling courses, I guess that's why!

There are people who are unhappy with what they recieved from Ken Roberts. Many inexperienced people who got involved lost a lot of money. Even Ken admits that 95% of commodities traders loose money! 95%?

Ken Roberts is part owner of Main Street Trading in California. This is more than likely why he spends his time doing seminars. Drumming up new business for his brokerage firm!

A word of caution, this brokerage firm charges ridiculously high commissions and an inexperienced trader will almost surely loose in this situation. Remember, Ken wins either way!

All in all, I think that Ken Roberts is reputable(compared to most of the self-professed "experts")and his information can be of value in developing trading stategies.

You can also find a lot of information on commodities and trading at your local bookstore. That would be a good place to start.

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