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Ken Evoy, is an M.D, author, inventor, and an entrepreneur before he became an internet marketer.

He sold 23 inventions to many of large multinational corporations before he started his website. This gave him millions in royalties.

He has authored the following books plus many others:

Make Your Site Sell: This book deals with internet marketing advice. It is one of the first books that taught online marketing and it is still considered the "bible" today.

Make Your Knowledge Sell: This book, written by Ken Evoy and Monique Harris, is a guide on how to create, publish, and market your own information product online.

Make Your Price Sell: This is an online pricing system. It will find out the best price for your product depending upon the customer response.

Make Your Words Sell: A guide to copywriting on the internet

His main product, Solo Build It! is a do-it-yourself online business building tool. It will help you Brainstorm yourself into building a better website with minimum outside support. He backs up his claims of success with the testimonials of many happy customers. As a matter of fact, I build this site using Solo Build It!.

No matter what you are, what your special skill (cartoonist, fitness trainer, copywriter), or your interest, knowledge (Cats, Chocolate, Premium Coffees, Mountain Climbing or Sports Cars or Caribbean island, or anything that is just you), you can build a site that can pay for itself. The SBI! model says all you need is passion and motivation.

Ken's method of Content, Traffic, PRE-sell, make money (CTPM) ... is a good way for small business to succeed online. Ken says this process leads to Web sites that achieve top 3% rankings on Alexa. That's not a small claim.

For anyone considering Affiliate Marketing he offers a great free course that explains how to be successful in that monetization model. The Affiliate Masters Course is truly a bible of successful affiliate marketing and many internet gurus got their start reading the early versions of this book. It was completely updated in 2006. He also offers five other Masters Courses in such areas as netwriting, service selling, webmastering, work-at-home-moms, and online marketing for local businesses.

These are just some of the products and tools he offers through his company SiteSell. Ken is truly a leader in the online marketing field and you can learn more by going to his site.

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