Kathy Kennebrook

Kathy Kennebrook spent 12 years in banking and then another 10 years in sales, before chucking her job in sales and turning to the Real Estate business.

The confidence was not without reason. She proved it, by selling over 250 single family houses using none of her own money or credit. This mother of two is full of confidence about her abilities. She has authored a book (Walking With the Wise Real Estate Investor ) on real estate sales.

Her 3 day seminar costing $2,997 (not a small figure by any means) is always full to capacity. Three seminars give detailed training regarding her methods for real estate sales.

In the three day seminar,

• The first day subject is locating the prospects by direct email advertising.

• Second day is for screening your prospects. Multiple strategies for bringing more (qualified, not just) prospects, is the emphasis on second day.

• Third day is reserved for learning direct negotiations. The use of right paperwork for quick profits is also the third day topic.

Kathy has a 5-step program for the work of real estate.

1. Locate prospects

2. Check the prospects for suitability

3. make and complete offers

4. Follow up vigorously

5. Sell quickly for more profits.

There is profitable information here, but keep in mind, there are countless real estate courses and most do not tell you how much work and competition there actually is. A LOT!

If you are prepared to dedicate yourself to the research, the driving, and the long hours, Kathy Kennebrook may be for you. If you would rather have a business from home that will grow exponentially, whether you work or not, then you share our view of a great Home Business.

If you can follow a simple, proven step-by-step system put together by one of the most successful people on the internet, you could soon have that automated Home Business that will free up your time and money.

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