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Name of the Company You are Reviewing:: Katherine Scott / Personal Instant Cash System

Your Name: Angela L.

Location(ex: Austin, Tx):: Dallas, TX

Is your review based on FIRSTHAND information?: Yes

To All Interested in this program;

I came across your site while trying to find out how I could add validity to my claim of this system being a fraud. While on the "Fraud-Aid.com:First aid for fraud victims" website, I did a search for Katherine Scott.

I was sent to a list of sites, yours being one of those listed. Please let me add, I am very grateful I came across it.( Only wish I discovered it earlier )

I will ask that you please excuse any and allow typographical errors or computer lingo. Not only am I'm sadden by this whole experience, emotionally and mentally, I am drained. I would just like to get my experience out there, like the person you have listed. I would hate for anyone else to have go through what we had to. I only wish there was someway to keep other unsuspecting people from being her ( Katherine Scott(K.Scott)/Personal Instant Cash System/ E-MarketProfessionals) next victim.

My story is longer than there is space allotted for me to tell you in. I can tell you that I too was caught in Katherine Scott web of deceit. The exact same way as the author of the letter you have listed. I am a mother of a severly delayed daughter and wanted an opportunity to be able to generate an income without having to feel as though I am neglecting her.

Since children with special needs, need more attention and care. I was taken in by her mention of her to being a mother and wanting to be able to spend more time with her kids. Although my situation is not of a just wanting to, but a need to basis, I thought her system 0could get me there. I had seen other Internet businesses, but found something off about them before ever making the fatal mistake of purchasing them.

Unfortunately, I was taken in by K.Scott, because of her situation, and the fact that she did mention God.(more than once) From a moral stand point I thought she would be honest. As the Author of the previous letter mention, she (K.Scott) does not take phone calls, nor does the E-MarketProfessionals.

This is not mentioned anywhere in the initial website. In fact this is only mentioned after you have purchased the program. And of course you know as well as I do by then, they already have your money. I have tried unsuccessfully to retrieve the refund via emails, (since that is the only way you can contact anyone). If I had known before purchasing her (K.Scott)System, that you would never be able to actually speak with someone and the fact that she does not assist you as she promises to. I would have never purchased it!

Please I beg of you, anyone interested in purchasing this system, DON'T! You, unlike her victims already taken in by her, have an opportunity to keep from going through what we have.

To sum it all up:

1) You are promised that she will tell you how to use the same system she uses to make income. * What you really get is her long drawn out nothingness.........(Kind of like my letter, except, I'm really trying to keep you from making the same mistake as I and so many others have. You can also check out (ScamVictimsUnited.com)This site by the way came up after I tried going to sites that the E-Market..directed me to. Trying to go on the E-Market sites I kept getting "error site not found" msgs..then the (ScamVictimsUnited site came up, that had several other people listed that were taken in by K.Scott.) 2)She tells you will have no more upfront cost, You will not have spend anything else, just the money to purchase her system.

* Only after purchasing the system you find out that there is more money you have to spend to get things set up. 3)She mentions that she donates the money that she receives from people purchasing her system. That she has more than enough so she is able to do this...Yet she can't refund the money back, If you do what is asked of you, or if you find out that there is more out of pocket cost to get everything set up.

If a person is only giving money everytime they turn around and not seeing any coming in you begin to get worried, that something is not right. She/Her partners are getting richer while we are shelling out our money, (in the hopes of actually seeing something come from this)only to find ourselves broke. Please Do NOT PURCHASE THIS SYSTEM! You will only find yourself out of the money you spent for it, with nothing to show for it.

Thank You,

Angela L.



I bought into The Personal Information Cash System information package. She did provide some tips and a few common links, but throughout her story, she encouraged the reader to use E-Market Professionals. She states that you can use other companies, but she recommends this one, and includes their link over and over.

In telling her story, Katherine Scott shares her success and tells how she now has time for her children and her charity work; she has learned from her experiences how to humbly and gratefully give to others in honor to the Lord who helped her. She adds "God Bless!" at the end, so you picture her as a spiritual woman who just wants to help and bless people.

She gives the impression that E-Market does more than they actually do as far as getting your site online. All of the marketing work is done by you, the customer. If you have never used an editor, never wrote any marketing scripts, or have little knowledge of creating web sites, you're going to be very frustrated. It's all for nothing anyway--there's no end product.

E-Market Professionals does not charge anyone coming in from Katherine Scott site, because, they say, they have an agreement that the cost of clicks provided by them to bring people to your site will not be collected, until the site actually makes income.

That gives you a sense of security. I did pay them, however, for a Fasttrack program which gives access to a list of products that they say, they have already investigated; you, the customer, have instant total reseller rights.

They recommend this for new customers. They also throw in moral pitches too, like "never lie" when they are coaching you on how to market your product. Along with Katherine Scott, they paint themselves as a company of integrity. Which is a load!

I worked very hard thru the month of September following the instructions of these two sites. I got very prompt answers to each email, until I submitted my work. Once they got the marketing work I had completed, it was as if my work just fell off of a cliff or dropped into a deep ocean.

I got a brief email 2 days after I submitted the work from "Carrie", a "sitebuilder" with E-Market, who said she would be reviewing it very soon. I emailed her on Sept.29 when I saw my site online--dosomethingcomputer.com. It was only the intro page and it had no Submit button. I asked to be updated, and received an email back from "Carrie" stating it would probably be going by Mon., Oct 4; she would put a Submit button on it, link it, review it and update me by that same date.

That is the last I have heard from her or any of the others, Amy from Customer Service and Mark from Support Services, who were previously very prompt in their email responses never emailed again. I have emailed them all more than once and noone answers. The writing is on the wall. I'm finished. All the time and energy I spent was for nothing. All the hope I had for this endeavor is gone. My faith and trust in people is gone. I would like to see these two manipulators stopped. They only do business through emails. There is no telephone number.


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