Juvio / Mach 90

Juvio is an original in the Computer education and technical support industry. This company uses a direct sales format to provide technical support to a market estimated to be $80 billion in next few years or so. Computer sellers are not in this segment of the industry, not at least in a major way. It is in this niche segment of the market that they have stepped in.

Juvio is a direct sales company as opposed to MLM, but they have added an MLM portion to this opportunity. It is called Mach90 and they are pushing it hard. It is an internet MLM and they use heavy email marketing to convince would be participants to join. This is where the distributor is required to recruit more distributors for this to succeed.

Mach90 is relatively new, but they claim to be having tremendous success. However, take the number of people signing up with a grain of salt. The huge majority of these people are "free" members. They will allow you to reserve your spot by taking a free tour and they use these numbers as well in the members calculation.

For Juvio on the other hand, the payout ratio is high at 70% of receipt. After joining, you can contact manufacturers of computer equipment and offer your services in your own area as an “add on” package and use it to your advantage.

This company is the first of this type of service, but it is sales. There will be face to face and telephone contact on a very regular basis. There are several complaints about this company on the internet, and it seems that several participants are very unhappy about it. This would make us shy away from this opportunity.

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