John Carlton

John Carlton is one of the foremost copywriters around today. He has had articles and ads featured in many well known magazines.

He has had the inside track with many of the most widely acclaimed marketers in both the online and offline worlds. He has done major advertising campaigns for some of the top Corporations in America.

John's career is about as diverse as someone could be. He has worked not only in the corporate world, but also Hollywood, and has probably been involved in advertising just about anything that a human being would need or use.

With 20+ years of experience you would think he would be a household name, but he has preferred to stay behind the scenes. Until recently very few people new who he is and to what degree his work had been used.

If you have an opportunity to gain some of this writer's knowledge I would highly recommend it, he is a master at copywriting and has helped countless people and companies to succeed. His copywriting will certainly ad to any campaign, but there are many more aspects to internet marketing that are necessary for success. Copywriting alone will not make your internet endeavors successful by themselves. Educating yourself on all aspects is crucial, but John Carlton is the man for ad copy!

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