John Burley

John Burley claims that he made so much money in Real Estate that he doesn't have to work anymore! But, for someone that doesn't have to, he sure works hard!

He lives in Phoenix, AZ and he could be kickin back enjoying the "good life," now that he is so far over the hump, but strangely enough he is busting his hump, trying to to sell his DVD's and Manuals on how he made all this money!

Many other Real Estate Gurus claim that they are trying to "give back" and that they really don't need the money and maybe some of them really don't. I also know that I receive countless emails from people wanting me to help them get their money back!

John Burley is confident that he can teach you how to make a lot of money, so confident in fact, that if you would like to attend his "Boot Camp" it will only set you back $5000.

In the real world that is not terribly expensive for "insider information" that can give you the edge and lead to wealth. Unfortunately, several of those who paid this money and attended wished they would not have. They found the information to be redundant and basically stayed just because they paid for it!

With SO many people claiming to be experts in Real Estate, I have yet to hear from ANYONE who tells me I am wrong about these programs. My advice is to go on the internet or to the library and you will find more information than you could possibly imagine. You might try Mark O. Haroldsen, he is basically the originator of "No Money Down" Real Estate Techniques.

I was sure that there was a legitimate Real Estate program out there, a program that told me the secrets from the very beginning and at a fraction of the price of what most want. You can continue to search and believe the hype, but I found one that really works! To see for yourself Click Here!

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