Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale also known as "Mr. Fire" is founder and president of Hypnotic Marketing , Inc. He is an extremely high impact copywriter, but is that alone going to make you money?

No doubt he is someone who knows how to get serious results, with his " Spiritual Marketing " and he has proven that, but that is not the only thing that spells success.

Great copywriting is a must, but there are other variables that you MUST know if you really want to compete in today,s online environment. Since Joe's " Attractor Factor " deals in the realm of the subconscience it should come as no surprise that there are other factors on a subconscience level that, unbenounced to the visitor, are proven to build trust and credibility.

These factors along with other subtle PROVEN techniques that only someone who has actually succeeded online could possibly know. This comes from experimentation and meticulous attention to detail. Joe Vitale does not really cover these techniques.

With all the distractions online now, it is very difficult to understand WHAT you should be paying attention too. You must know the techniques to establish trust and credibility which are both crucial. Joe Vitale does not really cover these types of techniques.

Of course, you need good copy and traffic, but there are other ingredients that cause someone to pull out there credit card and buy. A holistic approach helps you put everything in place, so you can best utilize and maximize great copy.

Joe Vitale is an exceptional copywriter and can work wonders for a website, especially if it is maximized to it's fullest potential in every other area.

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