Jim Rosen

It is my understanding that Jim Rosen's systems are almost identical to Don Lapre's.

If you are not familiar with Don Lapre and his tactics, he is reviewed on this site.

I have yet to talk to or even hear of, anyone who made any significant money using one of Don Lapre's "Get Rich Quick" schemes and the same holds true for this system!

I DO think that these methods made BIG money years ago. At that time, the things he was doing and the systems he was working were new and innovative. He also taught them to a lot of people and the reality is, it is saturated and no longer affective. If you really want to make money on the internet, you MUST be a part of something fresh, new, and PROVEN!!!

At this point, I am not a big fan of Jim Rosen and I know there are much more profitable internet businesses available.

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