Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards is a syndicated columnist who has authored and colaborated on several successful online books, as well as CD's, Audios, and Newsletters. He certainly has some good information, but is it this all YOU need to make money online?

Jim Edwards has put out some informative products on a variety of different topics. He deals with creating ebooks, using newsletters to generate traffic, and how to write your own material and sell it to a specific group.

Since Jim is a newspaper columnist, writing is definitely his specialty and he shows you how to write in a way that will best appeal to your audience.

He also offers good suggestions on internet marketing and Jim Edwards' information can be very helpful to anyone attempting to succeed online. You will find it very useful, but this information in and of itself will not give you all the nuts and bolts that you will need to successfully market online.

There are really only two ways to gain the practical step-by-step know-how that you must have. You can purchase and attempt to do all of the programs that promise you riches and maybe, someday, you will put all the pieces together. This approach will take you a LONG time and cost you A LOT of money.

OR...you can learn from someone that ACTUALLY does it and has done it for a long time. This will give you everything that has been proven to produce cash flow. This is not a business where you can put the cart before the horse which is exactly what most people do. They spend thousands first and then realize they don't have a clue.

What you need to do is take a minute and educate yourself on how this business really works. This will save you a FORTUNE in time and money. The more you know going in, the less it will cost, and the more money you will make. With this foundation in place, you can then implement some of Jim Edwards' very good and useful ideas.

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