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Jessica Meyer and Joseph Grant claim that Platinum Online Revenue can help you get out of the rat race and fire your boss. Now you are going to find out what this REALLY is, so read this whole page, you'll be amazed!

PlantinumOnlineRevenue .com is yet ANOTHER of these programs that leads in by trying to fool you with a FAKE “news” website. The one I saw for this is “Consumer Finance Review.”

These people go to the extreme to try and make you believe this is real, but it’s not. They even use the SAME video that hundreds of others do of the “Cherry Hill Mom who made a go of it.”

Isn’t it amazing that Jessica Meyer lives right there in your own hometown? Well, it doesn’t matter if you lived on the MOON, it would say she lives there too. This site uses an IP locator, that tells it where you are, so they can use your location to bamboozle you.

It just so happens that Jessica Meyer lives in my hometown too!

Platinum Online Revenue goes through the whole routine, making you think that they are actually “checking availability” in your area. Please!

And then we have Joseph Grant. ALL of these websites use phony names and stock pictures that you can go out on Google Images and find. These are fictitious characters, both Joseph Grant and Jessica Meyer.

On the opening page they list several large companies and tell you that you will be working with them, but here is how that goes.

You’ll SUPPOSEDLY be a “Search Engine Placement Specialist,” in other words this is a “link posting” program. You will be placing your Affiliate Link that you get from theseCompanies, for free, in as many places as possible HOPING that someone clicks on it and actually buys something, so that you get a commission. It’s a JOKE!

The only possible way that you could make money “placing links” is if you did pay-per-click marketing and that would cost you a fortune and there would still be a 99.9% chance that you wouldn’t make a penny.

This whole Platinum Online Revenue front is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you fall into this trap, you are going to be asked to spend more and more money. The ONLY time you will talk to anyone with this program is for them to ask for more money. The phone number they give is the SAME one that all of these other FAKE sites give and it is a phone room somewhere and it’s just phone room workers trying to con you.

Bottom line: Platinum Online Revenue is a farce. They don’t even use a reputable credit card processor, even though THEY say it is, so forget about a refund, which you WILL want. Unless you are smart enough to stay a LONG way away from this.

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