Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills is a surfer dude from Huntington Beach, CA who at the age of 21 saw the light and dedicated his life to helping others see it as well.

After graduating from Bible College in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada he became a youth pastor working with teens and young adults. Jeff was always an entreprenuer at heart and he was always looking for an outlet for his ideas.

He initially got involved online with a company called "All Advantage" and now he is a full time Internet Entreprenuer and is the President of GoldMills Marketing LLC. He is also an avid traveler, speaker, and author.

Jeff develops his own informational products that help others generate leads for their businesses and he is involved with high end direct sales companies. He doesn't mess around, his commissions range all the way up to $9700 per sale!

He is well rounded, versatile and knowledgeable on many topics. His information can help you with any business endeavor, but his help does not come cheap!

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