Jeff Kaller

Jeff Kaller is another of the real estate investor teaching ForeClosures and Pre-foreclosure techniques.

Real Estate investing is already a very time consuming and competitive field and there are definitely more exciting aspects of it than this. That being said, there are countless foreclosures and pre-foreclosure opportunities out there.

If you have the time and drive to compete then this is a way to make money, but it won’t be easy. These are typically less than positive situations to deal with and there are many already set up in this segment of real estate.

There are quite a number of complaints against Jeff and it appears that many of them have gone unanswered. That does not give us much confidence in this program. If dealing with people in less than desirable circumstances such as Bankruptcy and Foreclosure sounds appealing to you and you can maintain a Super-positive attitude, this may be for you. We are sure there are better and much more enjoyable ways to make money.

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