Jeff Combs

Jeff Combs is President and CEO of mastermind Consulting Company, a renowned speaker, recognized trainer, an author on internet marketing. In his training seminars, he specializes in leadership issues, prospecting, teleconference presentations, and mind training.

His books “More Heart Than Talent” and “Psychologically Unemployable” and other fourteen books, cover motivational aspects of personal development. He also has audio training programs and along with books they cover the direct marketing training programs.

There are persons who have travel miles to hear him in his seminars costing just $300. They were ready to spend more than $1000 for the training costing just $300, and there are persons vouching for the fact that the training was more than ten times the value of money spent on the entire expenses of the trip. Personal coaching with Jeff Combs is also available and is popular with the trainees.

The following are some of testimonials of people who attended the seminars.

"Jeff Combs is an original thought artist who helps you make your life and lifestyle into a true masterpiece." "Listen to him, learn what he says & live his wise, brilliant advice. It will make your life infinitely better." Mark Victor Hansen Co-Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul & The Power of Focus Jeff Combs is a live wire of positive principle. Tapping into his energy and advice will accelerate your business through breakaway velocity. Fredric Lehrman International Speaker, Author, and Trainer Executive Director, Nomad University

This information will put you in a very positive frame of mind and up your energy tremendously. That energy you can channel into increasing your income. We believe that the internet is the biggest opportunity available, if you know what to do. If you can channel your positive energy into following an easy, proven, step-by-step method created by highly successful internet marketers, you can soon be the owner of a successful internet business yourself!

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