Jeff Paul

Jeff Paul may very well be the Master, but of what?

According to HUNDREDS of people that have called and E-mailed me over the years, and including my own experience, Jeff Paul is The Master of Misleading. Read this, it's almost unbelievable, but you BETTER believe it!

The $39.95 deal shows you NOTHING of any value and WILL NOT help you. It's all about his salesmen trying to HARD SELL you to spend THOUSANDS of Dollars.

You will then be jumping through hoops with the sham "Thrive Institute" that will have you scrambling to do a bunch of nonsense that DOES NOT WORK (well maybe 10 years ago). They have you doing ENDLESS "Homework" assignments and some goof will be calling you to make sure you are doing it.

For this he will try to charge $8000 (you read that right)! They'll tell you "hey, you'll be making thousands and thousands overnight, so what is a measly $8000 in comparison?"

This is ALL just a bunch of hogwash. These people on the commercial make $100,000 A WEEK? Come on! If they're REALLY doing Jeff Paul 's, I would be TOTALLY shocked if they make $100 / Month.

His hyped up outrageous commercials are obviously designed to sucker you in. He is in BIG TROUBLE for false and misleading ads for squeezing somewhere around 40 MILLION DOLLARS out of folks in the last 3 or 4 years. You BETTER BELIEVE he wants THOUSANDS from YOU.

Let them PRESSURE you into this and you don't have a snowball's chance to get a refund for ANYTHING over the measly $39.95. I have A LOT of customer emails to prove that what I say is VERY true, PLEASE don't be one of them!

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