Jeff Learner

Jeff Learner is offering you the chance of a lifetime to get rich, but is it really that?

There are SO many self proclaimed gurus on the internet and you can add him to the list. I am not trying to be mean, but I have been succeeding online for 14 years, so I am not really impressed by someone that has been doing it for 2 years.

What Jeff Learner pushes predominantly is a program called Carbon Copy Pro. This is the creation of Jay Kubassek and is done by A LOT of people on the internet. The idea is for you to Pay to “apply” for the program, receive some totally useless information, then pay to join the “system” for around $350 AND THEN….

Jeff Learner will want you to pay THOUSANDS to join a company called Wealth Masters. Everyone That does this, with any success, MUST spend big bucks advertising because there is a HUGE amount of competition. Where did you see this? On the internet with Pay Per Click? In a Home Business Magazine, some people even do RADIO ADS. All of this Will cost you A LOT of money.

So it’s a lot of money just to get in and then more and more and more money to have any prayer of succeeding with this. It is absolutely not necessary.

If you believe that there are that many people out there who have THOUSANDS of dollars to spend on a Home Business, think again. There are already so many people doing Carbon Copy that you will REALLY have to spend some money to get a piece of the pie.

I would strongly suggest that you take a minute to learn the Low Cost, High Profit way to Market before you follow Jeff Learner and “Carbon Copy” into what many find to be financial destruction.

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