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Jeff Johnson , is often referred to as the “Guru of the Gurus” when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). No doubt he is an expert on this subject, but will this help you make money Right NOW! This review is a little long, but well worth it, if you are considering spending this kind of money.

SEO is a tricky thing and the trend is moving away from it. The main Search Player is obviously Google and they're constantly making it increasingly difficult to keep up with the constantly changing Alogrythms that determine your rank, much less anticipate these changes. It is a dreamland to think that you will be able to do that.

Search Engine Optimization is incredibly time consuming and laborious task. Just when you achieve some degree of success, it all changes and you're back to the drawing board. That is why Jeff Johnson 's Underground Training has an ONGOING monthly fee. You can spend a HUGE amount of time trying to stay up with this that you will miss out on opportunities themselves Right NOW!

If you have employees that can dedicate themselves, study it and adjust accordingly, then it may be worth the cost and effort. The average person, especially just starting out, can't do that and even if you could, these changes could only be made after the fact and then you're waiting to be discovered.

This means you're constantly chasing Rainbows in search of the Google Pot of Gold that will keep you on the first page. Now you see it and now you don't is the Algorythm game you will be playing.

Now ALL of the Search Engines are constantly changing because they are concerned with One Thing, Pure Relevant Content. Adding Content and Monetizing this content is the quickest way to success.

Just to join Jeff Johnson he is asking Thousands and he predicted that his UnderGround Lab would sell out fast and it did, which means a large number of people using the same techniques and creating even more competition for you.

For a long time Jeff Johnson's website has been offering his Bonuses are available only to the next 8 people. Well, it must take quite a while to get 8 people to spend $5000! If it sold out quickly, hasn't he already given away those Bonuses?

There are so many Bonuses that it would take a long time to go through them all, much less implement them. The immediate Cash Producing Website will be identical or very similar to all the other people in this program and they'll all be marketing it. Even more Competition!

Again, there is no doubt Jeff Johnson knows what he's doing in terms of SEO and the Big Name Marketers contributing to this, have a Staff to implement these tactics. Do you have that?

It’s my job to point this out, I’m not bashing here, but you need to think about all this before you invest over Thousands with Jeff Johnson. There are much easier and less expensive ways to start a business and drive a lot of traffic.

The internet now offers SO many opportunities and you need to find out what is REAL and do it. I have tried and tested Hundreds of online opportunities and Traffic Generating methods and ONLY ONE still provides a Rock Solid Income starting very quickly. To see it for yourself Click Here

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