Jay Abraham...Will He Deliver?

Jay Abraham has been in marketing for a long time. He is definitily one of the best ever. From his beginnings in the offline world he has shown a real nack for marketing in almost everything he has been involved with.

One word of caution, he is a very experienced and advanced marketer, if you are a beginner you may find his information beyond your experience level.

Jay Abraham is also a successful internet marketer so he can be of great assistance in that area, as well. His main forte is copywriting, he has shown his talents in this area both online and offline.

The one drawback to utilizing his methods is what it will cost you to find them out.How successful you are right now will be the determining factor in how much he can help you. He is very expensive, his help starts at several thousand dollars. I am not saying it is not worth it, however I wouldn't mortgage the house to get involved.

Being that his methods and concepts are geared more to the advanced marketer, getting some experience under your belt would be a wise idea.

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