Jason Potash

Jason Potash is well know online marketers, and runs a program called EzineAnnouncer. This is a great product that takes care of some of the laborious tasks involved with promoting written articles over the internet. It is a great tool for submitting your work to 1000’s of different publications. You simply enter the details of your article and it gets submitted. With the built-in mail merge tool you can send emails to publishers and E-magazine directory owners with just the click of a button. This makes submittion articles extremely easy. If you want your articles to be noticed though, it needs to be very high quality and Jason also gives you some good guidelines to follow. Some of these are to have a great opening statement, keep it short, use bullet points to compel the reader to continue.

Jason’s sites include: PickTheirBrains.com, WebCopyMakeover.com, and EzineAnnouncer. These sites display a clever copywriting and direct marketing techniques to the reader. Jason has quite a collection of some of the world's leading Internet marketers and offers them through his 'webinars'. Here he picks the brains of some of the most well known marketers to get to access their ideas and techniques and you can hear them through the audio clips.

Without a doubt, copywriting techniques are a crucial part of internet marketing, but there are many other aspects that can’t be ignored. Jason’s information is very useful and combined with more comprehensive information on the in’s and out’s of online marketing, your chances of success are very good.

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