Jaime Lewis

Jaime Lewis BOMBARDS me with emails and probably does you too, that is why you are out looking for information.

I usually get 2 to 4 emails a DAY from this guy and most of them are not even for the same product. They all seem to be about some stupendous discovery that "so and so" made and not he is going to give it to you for a mere $37 or something.

The reality is that there is no need to spend ANY money to make money online, much less on stuff like this.

Jaime Lewis is an affiliate marketer. That simply means that he goes to places like ClickBank and signs up to sell and receive commissions on other people's products. There is a VERY STRONG probability that he doesn't (and never has) even USED the products he is trying to sell you.

I mean if he did, he would be one busy guy because he is coming at me with something new everyday.

From time to time there will be a product that actually has Jaime Lewis' name associated with it, there was: "Copy N Profit" and there is another called "Ruthless Income" or something like that.

Jaime Lewis' own self-stated philosophy it to "find a niche of people, get their email address, and sell to them over and over and over."

I suppose that there is nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't show much real interest in YOU. If you buy one of these "products" Jaime Lewis offers, you can be sure there will be another one tomorrow.

The thing is that the products Jaime offers are pretty much all in the make money from home niche. If they worked, why would he be offering a different one everyday? The answer is: They Don't!

There are TONS of people out there trying do what Jaime Lewis does and it appears that there idea is to "throw something against the wall and see if it sticks." The problem is that they make the money and 99.9% of the time, you get stuck with garbage.

Almost always, these affiliate offers lead to one up sell after another and they want you to just spend, spend, spend, but you never make a penny. These are the types of things I get OVER AND OVER from Jaime Lewis.

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