Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt was started way back in 1960 and worked in computerized tax returns for individuals.

In 1986, when the electronic filing of returns was permitted, it made sense for the company to operate a franchisee operation, since all the information was already there and nationwide coverage can best be done by franchisees at comparatively less cost than the owned enterprises.

Filing tax returns is always a daunting task for the uninitiated and people are always seeking professional help. If you have a fair idea of how the tax system of USA works, it makes sense to become franchisee.

If you wish to venture in this field on your own, it is possible for you to do that only if you are able to fund the venture and are competent enough to handle the same on your own.

With franchisee operation, you get the benefit of years of experience, receive training, receive marketing support in form of advertising, follow this well trodden path and this is generally a good. On the other hand, you may be bound by business policies of the franchiser.

With Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc you are more likely to succeed than on your own. It has 5400 franchisee operation across 49 states. If you do not have the will or the power to go on your own, it may make sense to become a franchisee of Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc.

But remember, it is doing TAXES! It is seasonal, it’s tedious, and there is BIG TIME competition in countless directions. If you are looking for BIG MONEY quickly, that is not the nature of this franchise or any other.

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