Internet Marketing Seminar / Conference

Imergent offers an Internet Marketing Seminar which they call the "Internet Marketing Conference."

Like the many companies that offer this type of turn-key opportunity, the purpose of the "free" seminar is to introduce you to an almost ready made way to profit from the internet.

This company offers a program in which they will provide you with a prefabricated website(or several of them) stocked with products for you to sell. The seminar is advertised as "free" and as a way to make a lot of money on the internet. The initial seminar leads you into attending another meeting, which can cost several thousand dollars.

This presentation is impressive and convincing. The websites have fancy technical features designed to dazzle you with their sophistication, but they will ask for thousands more, which you can finance at a high interest rate!

The "Internet Marketing Conference" is typically standing room only because EVERYONE realizes that the internet is the future of Home Business. We definitely agree with that, but we are sure that there are much better ways to build a successful internet business, for MUCH less money!

If you are willing to follow a simple, proven, step-by-step path, put together by highly successful internet marketers, you can have a REAL online business. You don't need the Hype, Flash, and EXPENSE of these Internet Marketing Workshops!

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