Internet Kiosk

Watch out! The Internet Kiosk Business can be a very tricky business.

This business for all practical purposes, is nothing more than an internet mall or store, kiosk is just a catchy sounding name!

I have talked to many many people who have lost a lot of money getting involved with these companies. It is not difficult to put together a package that is attractive to investors, but that is virtually untraceable. That makes this kind of a set up easy pickings for scam artists.

The idea of owning a part of an online Wal-Mart is very appealing and the profit potential can be overestimated to the nth degree. That makes it rife with con artists and crooks.

The most I have seen someone lose is $15,000 and they have absolutely no way and no one to go after to get their money.

I can think of many ways to make money on the internet without this kind of investment or risk. The rule of thumb is "if it looks or sounds to good to be true, it probably is." This goes double for this.

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