Internet Briefcase

Internet Briefcase is being advertised ALL over the place by Michael Force and now you will find out what it REALLY IS!

What is this new product and business opportunity from the rags-to-riches Marine? First of all, let me tell you that is a true story. However...

The Internet Briefcase system is in actuality a program called Carbon Copy Pro by a guy named Jay Kubassek and it is FAR from new.

Kubassek has done very well online as evidenced by the LARGE number of people online ALREADY offering this program.

Here's how it works. You will initially be asked to apply to see if you are worthy. You do this by paying anywhere from around $20 to around $50 depending if it is on "sale" or not.

This gets you material that gives you a VERY general overview of Internet Briefcase / "Carbon Copy Pro" and it also "qualifies" you to go ahead and join "Carbon Copy." To join will cost you just under $400 and this is supposed to make the system available to you, to market whatever you want, but...

If you are like most, you don't have anything to market, but don't worry, they've got you covered. The ultimate goal of "Carbon Copy" is to introduce you to a company called Wealth Masters.

This is a Direct Marketing/Networking program that has been around for quite a while and does offer some decent information of a financial nature like: Budgeting, Financial planning, etc.

To join Wealth Masters will cost you between $295 to, wait for it...$20,000! But there's more!

Now, you will have to do what every business has to do and that is ADVERTISE. You can do radio ads like Michael Force or what the majority of people offering this do: Pay Per Click Marketing.

You know the ads you see on Google along the top or the sides, these are PPC and when someone clicks on your ad, you get charged. If you don't know the in's and out's of this you WILL lose your shirt, BIG TIME!

So Internet Briefcase is NOT the sure fire money maker that it is proported to be, you'll need a lot of money to have a PRAYER of making this work.

There is no need to dig yourself into a big hole of credit card debt. Internet Marketing is NOT Rocket Science. I have tried and tested Hundreds of programs and ONLY ONE still provides a Rock Solid Income. To see it for yourself Click Here