International Lottery Schemes

Did you really win the International Lottery? You may have been contacted, usually via email, with an official looking document informing you of your good fortune, but is it real?

It may be the UK Lottery, British Lottery, or some other "International" Lottery, but regardless of where it is supposedly located, chances are it is a scam!

The first thing to ask yourself is the obvious thing: Did you sign up to play it? Many countries really do have lotteries, but just like those in the US, you have to ACTUALLY play them! You cannot be automatically signed up to play a lottery, here or anywhere else.

I have been contacted by these scams and I have heard from many others who have as well. Some of them actually fell for it and lost A LOT of money. One scam is that they indicate that you have won a very large amount of money, but to receive it you must first pay the taxes. Well, if you believe that you actually won $10,000,000 you might think that $20,000 seems reasonable to pay in taxes. Many people have thought that and sent the money!

Obviously, they never got their Millions and they are totally helpless with no recourse at all.

International Lottery Scams are also used to try to sell you things, like cheap jewelry or some other worthless item. When you think about it, it is pretty clever: They get you in a great mood, make you think that fortune has smiled on you, and you order something from them while awaiting your winnings.

It is all baloney! It costs next to nothing to send out these emails and if they get one tenth of 1% to send in a couple of dollars, they will make a fortune. Please, don't fall for it!

The next time you receive an "Awards Notification" or some other drivel, put it in the virtual trash can. Read it if you want a laugh, but never take it seriously!

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