At present, Itegris opportunity is available to residents of USA only. The possibility of participating in the “Wellness revolution”, an industry scheduled to become a #1 trillion industry in near future, is now available. It is not that this is the only opportunity but it is now available and may be utilized to our advantage. The opportunity is in form of becoming a distributor of the range of dietary supplements manufactured by Integris.

Plus side of deal.

• No major stock of supplements is required to be made.

• No major requirements of becoming distributor, age over 18, US citizen, and no major investment.

• No major educational requirement.

• No need of help from nutritionist.

• Product range includes Essential7.

Essential 7 is a combinational product including the Integris thinks are essential for nutrition - Enzymes, Co-Enzymes (vitamins), Co-Factors , Essential Oils, Protein (trace minerals), Fiber, Probiotics.

The down side is as follows:

• The manufacturers of product are unknown, or at least not known very widely.

• FDA has not evaluated claims made by manufacturers. This means that products may have not have FDA approval.

• The overall effectiveness of marketing seems doubtful. At least it does not have visible marketing support on internet.

There are SO many “wellness” companies out there that the competition is HUGE, we typically don’t want to work that hard and this will constitute long hours and convincing. We suggest that there are easier ways to make money.

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