Income Infuser

Income Infuser by Darren Salkeld and Dave Nayavich surely looks like a well put together program, but will it REALLY make money for YOU?

It always amazes me how EVERYONE that is offering an “honest review” of these new programs (sometimes BEFORE they even come out) ALWAYS say they are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

My question is if the program just came out, how can you have an “honest review” of it and even show proof that it is so good. The truth of the matter is that the HUGE proportion of these people haven’t made money USING what is offered in these programs, any money that they have made is from SELLING these products.

Anyway, I digress, back to Income Infuser:

There is a lot to this program and they “give” you a lot of things to sell and “up sell.” You get:

• Your own membership site where you keep ALL the profits

• High demand internet marketing products

• Top quality marketing materials that’s ready to send

• 3 ‘one-click install’ opt-in squeeze pages

• A Done For You Product That Sells

• An Automated Plug-n-Play Sales Funnel

• And Unlimited Marketing Material To Propel You Forward

Now the thing that should interest you the MOST is the “Unlimited Marketing Material to Propel You Forward.” It’s great to have products that are “one of a kind” and “never been released to the public” to sell to people, the question is: What People?

Exactly how is this “material” going to “propel you?”What gets people to your Income Infuser “3 click instant opt-in squeeze pages“ and then to your “membership site where you keep 100% of the profits” is ADVERTISING.

There are many ways that you can do that, unless you have got some REAL money to spend on ADVERTISING, it will take you mucho work to get people to your site any time soon.

That’s certainly not to say it can’t be done, but that is the REALITY!

Income Infuser seems pretty hyped up for something that “creates millionaires when millionaires are ready to be created” and only costs $47 DOLLARS!?!

Now, I have seen people giving their “honest reviews” that say they are “Platinum Members,” what’s that about? Do you REALLY think that they are going to “give” you all of what they claim for a mere $47?

They talk so much about giving YOU things that you can “up-sell” to other people, you better know that they are going to be up-selling the life out of YOU!

Hey, I’m not saying that Income Infuser is a scam or anything of the sort, but just don’t be naïve about it.

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