IGI / International Galleries Inc.

IGI / International Gallaries Incorporated offers an opportunity to for anyone participate in the worldwide trading of art, produced by established and up-and-coming artists.

In terms of a business opportunity, you can become an active or passive member of IGIART.com. If you are passive member, you simply purchase your artwork and hope the value will rise on the global market. If the value rises, the profits can be reinvested or withdrawn from the Global Members Reward Program, in which all members participate.

If you are active member, you refer more people into the MLM aspect of the business, in an attempt to leverage and accelerate this income producing activity.

In terms of the art, these paintings are not the originals, but they are not your ordinary reprints either. These paintings are digitally duplicated using acutal paint sprayed on a canvass with tiny jets called Giclees.

If you are an art lover and you do not happen to be a rich capitalist or Movie Star, this may be a way for you to "make the scene," so to speak. As far as the income opportunity, some are doing quite well, but most people look at it more as a hobby!

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