IBuzzPro is an Excellent Voice Broadcasting System that can be extremely lucrative, BUT it must be used properly. Almost all of the people utilizing IBuzz Pro are NOT harnessing the power of this tool, they are using it WRONG. You will now find out how to avoid the pitfalls and if you join without reading this, it's at your own risk!

I have been successfully using Voice Broadcasting for Years, starting way back using Octopus with great success.

Octopus required software to be installed on your computer, which IBuzz Pro does not. With Octopus you needed dedicated phone lines connected to the computer, I had eight computers running at one time, with eight different phone lines.

Obviously with that expense, I had to figure out how to minimize my costs and get the maximum out of each telephone line. This extensive experience is invaluable and gives me the upper hand in maximizing the superior technology of I Buzz Pro. After all, technology may improve, but people still respond the same way.

I have tested and tested over a long period of time to discover the VERY BEST ways to succeed with Voice Broadcasting. It's crucial to know who to call, what to say, when to call, where to call, and how you handle it when they DO respond. The techniques that I have developed ensure the maximum and highest quality responses, at the Absolute LOWEST cost.

The additional REAL costs associated with I Buzz Pro may or may not be being shared with you by the person trying to persuade you to join. It’s these costs that is one of the factors that will determine your sucess and if you can continue.

The main carrot dangled in front of you is undoubtedly the 15 Million Opportunity Seeker Leads that are in the Back Office, along with various other Lists. Guess What? If all the other I Buzz people are dialing same leads, it takes a very short time before the SAME PEOPLE are receiving multiple calls, on the same Day! How effective do you really think this will be?

It is mandatory that you can easily generate your own Highly Responsive, Highly Targeted Lists. We will show the secret of targeting the EXACT people who will be most responsive to what you have to offer. You will have an endless supply of exclusive lists and it won’t cost you a penny!

The people currently offering IBuzzPro typically promise help and support and then pawn you off into the Company Training. Thereby teaching you the way that WILL COST YOU the most, and teach you how to fail like a lot of others.

IBuzzPro Corporate is teaching what makes THEM the most money and is definitely NOT what you should do. I will show you the way to slash these unecessary costs that do nothing, but lower your profit margin.

Our success is a function of the VERY Comprehensive Training we provide you. Others claim they will, but what you will get with them is a website with some touching stories and that is not going help you learn anything.

What you also need is something to offer other than IBuzz Pro itself and we will show you THE BEST PRODUCT to offer that WILL make you truck loads of money and pretty much guarantee success. No it is not MLM or some other BS. It is the HOTTEST thing you will EVER see.

We are in it to win it, and your success is our success. You will receive serious one-on-one training and ALL of that training will be archived, so you will always be able to access it. The guess work is completely eliminated.

The last thing that you need to worry about is that this will be over your head. We will make it simple for you to succeed. I Buzz Pro really is EASY to use. Our Training will enable you to get up and making money immediately, Employ Time Tested Techniques, have comprehensive training at your finger tips, and much more important, access to a Real Human Being.

This system gives you the Best Possible Shot at succeeding, Bar None!

If you do not want to blow your money and throw away your time then I would advise you to see how to maximize this POWERFUL Technology, Cutting Edge Techniques and Methods. You owe it to yourself to call me now at 972.390.2412. See for yourself that what I say is true. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

To your success,

Martin Wilson