HYIP or High Yield Investment Programs are all over the internet making outrageous, unsubstantiated claims and now you will learn the Truth!

You may be under the impression that things like Coastal Vacations, PAS, Carbon Copy, Reverse Funnel, and other "give me thousands of dollars for my automated system and you'll be rich" deals are HYIP 's, but they are not. That type of program is Officially Classified as: Money Sucking, Life Ruining, Have No Mercy, Steal An Old Ladies' Last Nickel and Put Her Out On The Street, Scum Bag Ponzi Schemes. So let's get that straight!

An HYIP is an "investment" program that is offering a stated percentage return or range of return.

The Treasury Department reports that $500 Million has been lost in these HYIP "scams" over the last ten years. With this many losses, it makes you wonder if anyone has actually made money. There are those that claim they have, but there is no way to actually verify those claims.

Your investment in HYIP's are used by these "investment programs" as capital for THEIR "investments" and for the use of your money, you recieve an average return of 2% to 10%. Simple, right?

The problem is that you have no way of knowing WHAT they are investing in and because most are off-shore, there is no way to find out. The way in which these programs "invest" may be far riskier than you would prefer and perhaps even illegal!

It goes without saying that there is no kind of regulatory body that has jurisdiction over these programs, which allows for mis-management on a large scale. Many have invested and reinvested only to find that the company vanishes with their money, never to be heard from again.

Considering the volatile nature of these programs and the lack of oversight of ANY KIND we do not recommend them. There are certainly less nerve racking ways to make money online and all you need is a simple, controllable step-by-step guide. You certainly have NO control or assurances dealing with an HYIP!

After years of testing opportunities, most of them waste my time and don't generate much money because you have to chase people around trying to SELL IT! They ALL have to much competition and don't offer a Totally Unique Product to a Huge Existing Market. But I have found THE ONE that pays the Best, has True Mass Appeal, is One-OF-A-Kind, and has NO COMPETITION! On top of that, hardly anyone has even heard of it yet, but those that have, including Yours Truly, are already making all kinds of money. To find out which one Beats All Others Click Here

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