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If you are looking for home based giftware product, Home Worker Network, under the aegis of Quality Sharp Enterprises Inc. can give your product the edge that it requires.

Quality Sharp Enterprises Inc. is an Ontario, Canada based company with its registered office in Ontario and Consumers and Corporate Affairs office in Toronto, Canada. They are in business since 1995.

Company mission statement reads as follows. "Our Mission is to help people achieve their dreams and goals. We handle those dreams with care, and treat them as our own. Our success depends on it."Address of company is as follows. QSE1, 111-336 Young Street. Reference 7-701, Barrie, Ontario L4N 4C8 1-705-726-9070.

This company does not operate exclusively in giftware industry. It also takes care of assembling products or mailing, processing circulars, clerical work etc. Local workers fulfill these needs. You can see that the US home workers will not have much advantage for this category of work.US workers however can find giftware manufacturing work more suitable and to their tastes.

Quality Sharp Enterprises Inc. have good marketing methods combined with expertise and knowledge of giftware industry. This makes them ideal for use as a vehicle for furthering your aspirations in the giftware industry.

Whether you are working from home as choice or because of constraints, if you are in manufacture of giftware industry, you can contact them for marketing of your goods. However, if you are looking for just a home based job and you are in US, this is not much of help.

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