Home Income System

Home Income System (aka. Home Cash System)is yet ANOTHER of the MANY programs that are using some FAKE news website to fool you into thinking it is legit. Now you will learn the SHOCKING TRUTH.

It’s INCREDIBLE, there are HUNDREDS of these FAKE news sites all over the place using the same tired video of the “Cherry Hill Mom who made a go of it.” They all use the same story and STOCK PHOTOS that can be found on Google Images.

They are usually FAKE female names that they use like: Kelly Nelson, Patty Joyner, Katy Jenkins, Jessica Meyer, Kelly Richards, Michelle Harris, Sarah Hunter, Judy Wilson, Janet Rhodes, Heather Johnson,Amy Livingston and TONS of others. It’s all about tugging at your heart strings, usually with a picture of mother and child. They even use IP reading software to make you think that the FAKE person lives in your area.

Then they all lead you to some BOGUS program like: Online Profit Masters, Paid to Place, Direct Commerce Academy, Home Income Center, Stay at Home Income, Home Income Profit System, Home Income Wealth System, Home Profit Web, Home Cash Machine, Income Cash Machine, E Home Profit, Online Income Solution and MANY others.

They believe that you are so gullible that they even use the same website template and say pretty much the same thing, just with different names for the program. They are usually some kind of link posting GARBAGE that is a JOKE and a TOTAL waste of time and money, but what you REALLY better watch out for, is the tricky ways they WILL try to get you to spend THOUSANDS of dollars.

There is no need for you to spend any money.

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