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It's hard to fathom, but the Home Income Profit System, Income Cash Machine, Home Income Wealth System, Home Income Cash System, Home Income System, the eHome Profit System / Kit, Online Income Masters AND the Home Income Profit Kit are basically the same thing. Put out by the same people.

They All use FAKE female names to promote it (like Kelly Richards) and promote junk like the Direct Commerce Academy Online that makes big claims about how much money you will make "posting links." It's all a TOTAL LIE and has NOTHING to do with Google, so NOW you will discover the TRUTH!

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Written Review (you gotta see this)

The Home Income Wealth System, Home Income Cash Machine, Profit System, or whatever these snakes are calling it now is a total sham. There are so many almost identical websites using different names peddling this mess, it's ridiculous.

It is all just a front, so that they can get their hooks in you for A LOT of money, that is almost impossible to keep them from charging (over and over) on your credit card. It will start out with about $150 and then they'll keep charging your card around $40 each month.

I am surprised at the nerve these people have to be throwing Google's name around like they do. They have NOTHING to do with Google and the whole "news" site that you probably saw this on is TOTALLY FAKE!!!

Do yourself a BIG favor and stay as far away from the Home Income Profit / Wealth System as possible!

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Believe it or not, these people just change the name of the program every time there gets to be a lot of complaints. It WAS "Internet Cash Machine," THEN the "BlackBelt Profit System," THEN "Home Income Profit System," THEN "Home Income Wealth System" (also sold as the "Home Income Profit Kit").

They use various versions of the websites that have different names but it all leads back to the same bull.

What does that tell you?

Look at the screen shots below and then I will tell you what tricks they will play on YOU.

This is the latest version of this garbage. There are so many duplicate sites like this floating around, it's hard to say which one you are investigating, but be assured, they are all a huge pile of junk!

(Also known as the "Home Income Profit Kit")

As you can see, they think that your so stupid that they don't even bother to really change the website, just the name.

Home Income Profit / Wealth / Cash Machine System uses the fine print to justify charging you the little shipping and then around $140 put on your credit card almost IMMEDIATELY. They say THREE DAYS, but it usually happens immediately. Then they will keep on charging your card month after month.

The information that you are given with this program is suppose to tell you how to actually succeed online, but the reality is that it is just a "primer" for their telemarketers to call and hammer you for A LOT more money that can add up to thousands of dollars. No matter how much you pay with Home Income Profit / Wealth System, you will come out of it knowing little or nothing more than you already do.

To sum it up this Home Income Profit deal is outrageous, nonsensical, preposterous in it's absurdity, and WILL end up costing you A LOT of money IF you fall for it when the telemarketers HAMMER YOU!

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