Home Profit System

Home Profit System is yet another of the ridiculous programs offered on a “FAKE” news site, now you will learn the truth!

This particular BOGUS “news” website uses the name Kim Adams as the person that is supposed to be making all of this money ( as represented by a fake check that has the name BLOTTED out). And guess what? I bet she lives right there in your area (where ever you might live).

Well, she doesn’t! She is not even a real person. These FAKE news websites are all over the internet and they all use fake female names, stock photos and the same stupid video about the woman from Cherry Hill.

The “internet millionaire” Amanda Stevens is another bogus creation, so the whole Home Profit System is NOT what it appears to be.

They want you to pay them $97 to learn about “link posting,” give me a break! In other words, to do affiliate marketing for companies where you take your affiliate link and try to post it all over the place, to sell their product and make a commission.

The Home Profit System , Kim Adams , Amanda Stevens , and who knows what other fictitious characters want you to believe that you are going to get “training” from an expert, but as with all of these other hoaxes you will be asked to spend A LOT more money.

Things like the Home Profit System make me so mad because they are just blatantly misleading. They go to the extreme to make you think that it is real. I mean just look at the “news” site, complete with the weather, stock prices, and links to other sections (that lead nowhere but to buy this crap).

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