Herbalife ™

Herbalife ™ has become a household name since it's inception back in 1980! At that time the idea was revolutionary and a lot of people have done very well with this company. The question is, can you?

Back(way back) when Herbalife ™ came along there were not the thousands of companies in the Health and Wellness Industry that there are today. There are so many companies going after that same market that it is a wonder how any of them make money.

This company also has a somewhat spotted past, in 1987, the company paid the state of California $850,000 for making false medical claims and the same year, removed two of it's top sellers from the market.

This company grew so fast because of it's zelous and AGGRESSIVE distributors and has been accused, on many occassions, of using somewhat unethical tactics. As with any MLM, you have certain individuals that go beyond what is acceptable and Herbalife ™ is near or at the top of that list!

If you are looking at this opportunity, the main thing you need to be aware of is the COMPETITION, it is a HUGE factor, to say the least! There are Thousands of companies offering dietary supplements and ten times that many offering weight loss products. Not to mention, the unbelievable amount of existing Herbalife ™ representatives.

There are SO many companies offering lotions, potions, powders, and pills that you truly would not believe it. And let us not forget all of the Drug Stores, Grocery Stores, Health Food Stores, and Wal-Marts that offer these products too!

These days some companies(not mentioning any names, wink,wink!)have stooped to very questionable tactics to recruit over the internet. Many times you do not even know what the opportunity is, until you have spent several hundred or even thousands of dollars and jumped through hoop after hoop!

There are several of what I call "Feeder" programs that entice you in with big promises, but don't tell you up front that it is Herbalife ™. These programs are not sponsored by the company, they are set up by distributors themselves. They promise you an "automated system" which basically boils down to you buying expensive leads and spending a lot of time on the phone. Some even claim that you don't have to do anything, but give them money and I think you know how that will turn out!

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