GuruBusters is a website put together by Dani Mendez where she proports to have tried many businesses and recommends the best. Is it for real? Your about to find out!

First things first, I have had this website up for YEARS, way before or Dani Mendez came along. She just flat out admitted to me that she doesn't even write her own reviews.

She farms them out and pays for other people to do it, which I have NEVER done. That explains why she has so many that are obviously copied from my website!

Bottom line: The product she offers or endorses is Ecurrency Trading. This was proven not to work and to be very risky YEARS ago. She promotes a program by Gary Jezorski, who claims to have practically invented this. NOT!

The people who really came up with this have mostly left it alone because to many people lost a lot of money and it gained such a bad reputation.

Sure, I offer products, this is a business, but there are people making money and loving what I offer because it is real and I offer REAL support. I have been doing business like this for years. Call me and see if I am genuine article and then try the numbers of all these fakes. Prove it to yourself!

I have REALLY tried and tested A LOT of Opportunities and this is the one that will really make you money. Is it get rich quick like Dani offers. NO! If you follow it and take treat it like a real business, you will be so far ahead of these poor people that blow thousands on hype you will be amazed.

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