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Alex Sonmin started this GreenZap on April 2, 2005. It was supposed to operate from, Green zap, Inc. 4445 Eastgate Mall, Suite 220 La Jolla, CA 92121. Please note that I said, “supposed to” and not “operating from.”

This information about an incorporated company should be available to the general public right from the incorporation date, but this information had to be fished out after a lot of effort. This should issue a warning to others. The company seems to operate from Foyer area of 4445 Eastgate Mall La Jolla, CA 92121, and this should alert the unsuspecting person that could be questionable company.

The company pays “web cash” as opposed to greenbacks. It pays $25 “web cash” using friend’s Zap ID and your friend gets $5 "web cash". When you upgrade to Gold account, you get is $100 in ‘Web cash” to be spent only online. Now if you are prepared to convert your cold hard cash into “web cash” and on that basis if I call you a sucker, do not blame me.

Nobody seems to have converted this "web cash" into cold hard cash. If web complaints are to be believed, "Web cash" cannot be converted into hard cash anytime. Even if you are able to make a purchase with your "web cash", (assuming that some shop accepts "web cash") the shopkeeper, will not get any cash but will get only "web cash" and he will have to find someone who will accept this "web cash" for cold hard cash.

There are many complaints on the internet about this company.

Remember “Buyer beware!” applies to you and not this company.

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