Google Cash

Chris Carpenter and the "updated" Google Cash is all about Pay Per Click Affiliate Marketing and quite frankly, it's been done to death. There is A LOT more that you need to know about this, so read this whole page.

First, in NO WAY is this program affiliated with Google, even if it says so, don't be mislead.

There is a lot to know when you venture into pay-per-click marketing. Very quickly, factors that you may not have considered can determine whether you stay in the game.

Google Cash is not really about YOU making money anyway. It's about THEM opening up the door with your little initial purchase so that they can come back and try to charge your credit card over and over.

Google announces major changes in their criteria for displaying your ads constantly, so even if Google Cash was real, there is no way that they could keep up with all that.

Google Cash, by Chris Carpenter (if that is even a real person) is a TOTAL waste of space. You would be better off flushing your money down the toilet.

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