Global Resorts Network

Global Resorts Network is one of the MANY Travel MLM type companies that are offering you a chance to get your share of the Travel Industry Dollar. Now you will find out if this is all it claims to be!

I can think of 10 "Travel Opportunities" right off the top of my head. There are so many of them it amazes me that anyone makes any money. There is so much competition that the reps must resort (pardon the pun) to trickery to hide the company name from you.

With Global Resorts you have the Reverse Funnel System, Elite Funnel System, Wealth Funnel System, Thousand Dollar Profit, and Double Funnel System plus many more. These are all "feeder" programs trying to entice people into GRN by any means.

My question has always been, if the opportunity is so fantastic, why the deceptive tactics? I am not saying that everyone involved in Global Resorts proceeds this way, but several of the main players do. They will make you pay to get more information by making outrageous claims on flashy websites promising Cars, Boats, and Mansions for doing next to nothing. Nothing except giving them money of course!

Global Resorts Network itself offers the Gold Three Year Membership for $1495 and the Platinum Lifetime for $2,995. This is just to come in and be able to get the "discounts" on the different resort packages. If you come in through a "feeder" program plan on adding at least $300/mnth to that!

If you do a lot of traveling then that may be motivation to get involved with this, but as far as making an income, it is NOT as easy as most of the reps want you to believe. If you have people out there paying an extra $300(and much more) per month to promote this, how do you expect to make anything if you are NOT doing that?

How did you find out about it? Probably on the internet through a website you visited, right? How did you find that website? To put yourself in a position to have others find you the same way, there WILL be BIG Expenditures involved!

I am sure that there are "sponsors" that are sincere about helping you, but the reality is that you will actually be competing against your Sponsor. You absolutely MUST advertise in a BIG Way to find anyone that is going to put up $3K-$7K. These are just some of the facts you need to consider before you are swept away with what amounts to be, in many situations, a lot of hype!

Honestly, the name of the Global Resorts game is not really Travel. Most people just don't take that many vacations, so repeat business is certainly not going to be your money maker. This is ALL about recruit, recruit, recruit. When in Rome..., so be prepared to sink A LOT of money into marketing this.

Many of these off-shoot websites make a big noise about "their special system." These "systems" are not actually put together by Global Resorts, but they allow them and after all, GRN is the beneficiary. You must jump through several expensive hoops BEFORE they tell you it's Global Resorts however, the way these people go about it is very deceptive.

Again, if this is such a great thing, why do they need to stoop to such tactics?

The reality is that there are MUCH easier and Less Expensive ways to make a great income online, these jicky websites with Dollars falling from the sky are a waste of Time and MONEY. Most people don't succeed on line because they WAY over complicate it and blow money on completely unecessary things.

Global Resorts Nework MIGHT have some decent resort packages, but if you have to use the same questionable techniques as most of the top earners, that should to tell you something about the opportunity. It is sad because so many people get themselves into major financial problems because of things like this. It really is possible to make good money online if you know how.

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