Global Check

Global Check Services is a firmly established Company that offers a variety of valuable services for merchants. They offer Check Conversion, Check Guarantee, Payroll Guarantee, Internet Check, and others.

Personally, I use Global Check for Conversion and it has been fantastic! I have made MANY sales, that I wouldn't have, because of this service.

I checked Global out thoroughly and when I discovered that they use NCN (National Check Network) which is a National Positive Negative Database of Checking Accounts to verify potential customers, I knew they were the Real Deal. That, along with the fact that they are Sponsored by VISA (yes, VISA the Credit Card Company) and are part of the VISA Check Network, this was a No Brainer!

I have seen a COUPLE of reports (not bad for 15 years in business) on the Internet from people stating that Global Check is a dishonest service. I just wanted to set the record straight because it calls into question my decision to use this company. I know how EXTREMELY BENEFICIAL this is during these tough economic times and how many businesses it can help. It angers me to read a report from someone that is obviously NOT following the rules and then complaining about it.

One report in particular talks about a requirement of this program that is clearly explained, it's called the "return rate" (bounced checks). If you're "return rate" is unusually high, then you are NOT following Global Check Policies!

I was told all about the "return rate" and that if I had a "return rate" over 10%, which this person freely admits he does, when the national average is Less Than 2%, then they are processing checks for people that obviously can't afford what is being sold. They are not really checking PROOF of INCOME as required and they are trying to "play" the company. There are such people who try to pull this!

Another claims that the company runs Checks through more than once:

In terms of running a Check through more than once, how do you think Global Check collects from someone that did not have the money in there account, when THEY COMMITTED TO DO SO? If a Check bounces the Merchant still gets paid on time, but Global clearly states that the Merchant must send in the Information in a timely manner, that he/she is Required to get from the Customer.

If the person bad mouthing this company mispells so many words, it's possible that they can't read well either and did not follow the rules. This company is not Mother Theresa, they are not here to just give money away to someone that did not themselves live up to the requirements.

Everything IS clearly stated and if it is not fully understood, the agreement should not be signed!

By the way, I did NOT sign any 48 Month Lease and have no machine, equipment, or processor it's all done online, which is REALLY convenient and inexpensive.

My relationship with Global Check Services has been VERY profitable for me and I WOULD recommend them to any business that wants to make it easier for their customers and significantly increase sales.

If you would like to talk to my Global Check guy, he'll definitely shoot you straight.

Simply call: 469.274.0968 and ask for Drew.