Global Cash Flow / Mary Gerston

Mary Gersten and the Global Cash Flow Network based in Arizona is making Big, Bold claims about how you will easily make a lot of money on the internet. Now she's even on TV pushing, read this page and the testimonials or you WILL be sorry!

The whole idea is for you too buy in and get materials that will make you a "Certified Media Placement Specialist"(CPM) which is a meaningless title because they simply made up! Mary Gerston program claims that with No Experience and for basically doing next to nothing you will be making BIG Bucks in a few weeks.

It is funny that Global Cash Flow Network sales letter goes on to give a long list of all the things you will Need To LEARN in order to make this "easy" money. Then turns right around again and says, you will double or triple your income with "less time, energy, and aggravation than being a dog walker...."

It says that that "If you are looking to Buy or Sell Something" and then turns around and says there is "No Selling."

Global Cash Flow Network and Mary Gerston contradicts itself over and over again.

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Here is an unsolicited email from a participant in this program:

------------ Thu, 07 Jun 2007 22:07:16 and is another company that innocent people need to be warned about,it's operated by a woman named Mary Gerston out of AZ.

They start out asking for a lot of money and that never stops. This program leaves people in the gray. The "coaches"(which you pay a lot for) can't be reached, is all I'm ever told when I call and they leave you hanging on your sales, from your leads, the leads you BUY FROM THEM. Beware of this one, it will burn you and leave you empty handed.

Thanks, Terry V.


I have been very successful online with a very simple concept and an even simpler way to implement it. To see it: Click Here


Another Email:

Let me clarify what "Leave you in the grey: means: Global Cash Flow Network wants more money for nothing and wants you to buy worthless leads and then hangs you out to dry!

Many programs try to fill you with a lot of hype and give you an overwhelming amount of information and then try to get you to pay thousands for "coaching" that is completely useless. There are much better ways to make money over the internet than something like this. The Global Cash Flow Network will give you a lot of useless information that will serve to confuse you to the point that you will feel compelled to give them more money to "help" you.

As you can see from the email, that "help" cannot be trusted to do anything more for you than waste additional time and money. From what I have seen so far, I would not recommend this. You need a REAL step-by-step plan and guidance.

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