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Global Online Systems makes some fantastical income claims on their website, insinuating that all you need to do is send them $39.95 and you will be rich. Unfortunately, it is not quite that simple as this couple who emailed me found out:


I have been a victim of the global on line system. I wish I had read the testimonial about this company before I ordered. I was promised my money back if I decided not to go forward with it. After spending the $40 to get the initial package and still not knowing what the whole this is about I did have a phone conversation with a woman in Colorado and her "mentor." After deciding selling Herbalife wasn't for me I was assured that my money would be refunded. It was not. I send back the info that she had sent me and I still haven't received my money. Now she won't answer my phone calls or e mails. I've been screwed.

J&D Hill --------------------------------------

There is no real explanation of what this is on the website, so you have to order the $39.95 package to find out and you still don't really know even after you get the package!

After you get the initial package you will need to come up with around $300.00 more to get the real story on how you can make money. Then they want you to spend around $2000.00 to put yourself in a "position" to make the big money!

Obviously, I do agree that internet marketing is the wave of the future, but to spend this much money to "position" yourself to make money, is not the most profitable course of action. I can think of 10 better ways to make money on the internet without that kind of expenditure.

The Global Online Systems approach is not original, I have seen numerous similar programs introduced by several different companies. This approach worked ok for some, but I have yet to talk to anyone who made the kind of money that they were promised.

The bottom line is that "Global Online Systems" is all about selling vitamins and there is an incredible amount of competition that you will run up against.

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