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Game Tester programs are gaining popularity, but the great thing for YOU is that most people still have not heard of them. That is precisely why people who are already taking advantage of this are praying that YOU don't find out about it!

If you are with the RIGHT program there is ENORMOUS potential for you to make a VERY nice income. Obviously, it is very important that you have plenty to play and that you know about the new ones first. Right now, you have the opportunity to jump on something that is going to do nothing but get much BIGGER.

Do you think that people are going to STOP developing new games?

For a very long time (forever), there will be a never ending stream of new games, all of them hoping to be the "next big thing." Making sure that they have the best possible product BEFORE they spend big bucks to market it, makes it crucial for companies to have reliable people to test them.

There is more to this than fun and GAMES! These companies are serious and they are not paying you a lot of money just to have fun. They want the games to be fun, but this is a business. You MUST take it seriously and focus on what you are doing. You will be expected to detail what you like, dislike, and what needs improvement, etc.

Factors such as availability and frequency of adding new games are very important, but because this is relatively unknown and new games are ALWAYS being developed, this is not that big of a deal. What IS a big deal is the support and processing of the information you send in. The speed of which this processing is done IS the determining factor of when you get paid!

All we do is test Home Business Opportunities and this is very good and virtually untapped. Of the programs we have researched and tested the following will get you established and making money with this unique and for the forseeable future, unlimited opportunity.


Top Game Tester Programs
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Site Link Rating Guarantee Fee 5 of 5 90 Days $34.95 4.5 90 Days $44.95
4 90 Days $37.95

5 out of 5

In our opinion, this is the best Game Tester Program out there. They always have openings for you to play and they are very consistant about adding new ones. This pretty much ensures that you can do as much as you want. The claim is that you will make over $100/hr, but the reality is that it will be more like $20 to $60. It is very organized and makes it easy to provide feedback on the game. This is obviously very important since it is the basis for you getting paid. The support is very good and they process the information quickly, meaning you get your money quickly. One drawback is that you MUST be 18 or over to participate.

One Time: $34.95

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4.5 out of  5

GameTesterGuide is a thorough and comprehensive guide to game testing. Mr. West details the process that has made him a lot of money and gives you some very useful, first-hand, insider tips. This information can really streamline and accelerate the process for you and give you the inside track on finding the very best opportunities. It lays it out simply and helps you get started right away. The fact that Mr. West displays one of his checks is also pretty cool. This was very close to being our top pick, but the price, which is worth it, held us back a little, along with the fact that this is available in the U. S. Only.

One Time: $44.95

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4.5 out of 5

This site is relatively new, but at this point it looks like it is better than most. We are still not absolutely sure about it, but we do know that suceess is possible. We just have not seen the same success that we have with the others, yet. Admittedly it was the Double your money Back Guarantee that we found very appealing at first. To date we are not finding any reason to consider even asking for our money back. As we move forward, you will be kept in the loop and we don't think you can really go wrong with

One Time: $37.95

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Top Game Tester Programs
(See Reviews Above)
Site Link Rating Guarantee Fee 5 of 5 90 Days $34.95 4.5 90 Days $44.95 4 90 Days $37.95