Galaxy Mall

Galaxy Mall is part of Galaxy Enterprises Inc, registered in Utah and it is operating in USA and Australia.

This company advertises and invites prospective members to a "free seminar"where they are to be introduced to internet marketing and how to make a lot of money online.

The invitees are presented with the lucrative possibilities of a website and then are encouraged to purchase multiple websites for themselves. The purpose being to sell those websites and profit from that. Most opportunities similar to this also include additional fees and often run well into the thousands of dollars.

There are several companies that offer to "set you up" in an internet business,each one having a unique twist. Some offer just the sites and charge for additionsand others offer the site and products to stock on it. Either way, most of these programs more expensive than is necessary to start online.

I am sure that internet marketing is where it is at, but there are several less expensive ways to make money online.

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