The Basic concept of Free4Life is to become your own ISP and to get everyone you know to use your service. There are some reps of this company claiming that you can "retire in 4 months by simply getting 3 sales and they claim that it almost does itself!

If you have been around MLM very much, you probably know that you must take the rhetoric with a grain of salt. Nothing is as easy as the hype and MLM is certainly not easy, I do not care what Free4Life tells you!

Sure, there are Millions upon Millions of potential clients for this service, but there are also A LOT very high powered companies that are in competition with you.I can assure you, there will be many objections when it comes to people switching their ISP!

In a nutshell, you make a minimum of 2 sales, where the proceeds go to an up-line director. After 2 sales are made you become "eligible" and you are "assured" of an infinity income for life. The example of geometric progression paints a very lucrative picture and the 2 X 2 X 2 add infinitum insinuates that you can make millions in a short time.

The services they offer are interesting, but after all, the internet access is DIAL UP and getting people to give up a high speed connection might be a difficult proposition. This is what it includes:

*DSL Speed for Dial-UP, UP to 500% Faster!!! *Free web accelerator! *Pop-up blocker *Ad Blocker *Email accelerator *5 Free email accounts *Anti Spyware *Parental control *18,000+ access numbers nationwide, plus thousands more coming *No special software required *Free technical support

In case you are not convinced yet, the Web site says “Finally, you can have that dream home you've always wanted. How about that sports car or boat you've been dreaming about? Imagine having it all, with your debts paid and the time, freedom and money to do whatever you desire.”

From experience, I am very suspicious of a come on that strong, but that's just me.

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