Frank Kern

Frank Kern devised the Instant Internet Business where he sold a lot of ebooks and other material about internet marketing. He claimed that he made more than $100,000 from the website where he did his business. Now you will find out what he can do for you!

The idea was very simple. You make a purchase of $47.77 and start a chain of marketing where you would progressively go from the lower end to higher end. By the time you reached the highest end of the chain you would start earning an income of more than $115,00 each year. Frank claimed that he earned an income of $100,000 in first year and everyone could do it.

The Federal Trade Commission did not think so and came down heavily on Frank Kern and barred him from doing business with his Instant Internet Empires. FTC argued that the first level of this MLM would require 2400 persons for Frank Kern to receive an income of $100,000 in first year. The second level of chain would involve 2400 X 2400 persons as customers. That makes it 5,760,000 buyers for making an income of 115,000. Scale this to a third level. You will require 5760,000 X 2400 persons so that second level persons get $115,000. That means you would need 13,000,000,000 persons, which is more than world’s population twice over, so it looks doubtful.

So, the FTC rightly came down heavily on Frank Kern and barred him from doing any further business and return the money collected earlier. Frank collected $634,222 from selling IIE and he will have to pay back ALL of it. He has subsequently returned to marketing his internet business materials with his "Under Acheivers Mastery Course which sell for around $1500. Most of this information is not new and can be gained for a lot less.

If a thirty something man, without a formal college education could fool so many people it is a reminder that if you want to go into business you need to learn what you are doing, from someone who can PROVE the results.

We do agree that the internet is the place to be and if you can follow a simple, proven step-by-step system, put together by highly successful internet marketers, you too can have a sucessful automated internet business.

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