Forex Trading

Forex Trading or Foreign Currency Exchange Trading has been highly publicized in the past few years by many companies, the foremost of which is 4xMadeEasy. Most of these advertisements are designed to get you to a "free seminar," so that they can show you how "fool-proof" there systems are. We have tried the programs that you have heard of and MANY that you probably have not and you are about to find out the truth!

Without exception, the companies that invite you to their "free" event via expensive info-mercials, set up to look like legitimate "news" programs, will use very sophisticated presentations that really do make this look like a piece of cake.

The presenter is very adept at using the software and the screenshot demonstrations. His well rehearsed dialog makes using these Forex Trading Systems appear to be very simple.

He of course, has been wildly successful using the software and is very matter of fact in his delivery, eventually inviting audience participation. Whether the eager participants are actual invitees is questionable. Make no mistake, these are sophisticated sales machines leaving nothing to chance.

If you notice your surroundings, you will see numerous individuals wearing the insignia of the company and believe me, these are not just ushers or helpful attendants, they are well seasoned salesmen and closers!

To rent the big rooms, in the nice hotels, for multiple days is expensive, so you better know that they are not there for peanuts. Towards the end of the presentation, after you are thoroughly convinced that you will make millions, comes the "special offer!" Most start at around $4995.00, but if you take advantage today, they will give you the unbelievable price of $2995.00. After all, what is $3000 compared to the riches and financial independence you will have with the purchase of this "proprietary software?"

Actually, the purchase of the software is just the beginning of the process. It turns out that just following the "red and green arrows" is not all there is to it. The initial presentation is a simplification, but it is not until after you have purchased that you find you need more "training." Which the company is more than happy to provide for sizeable additional cost.

There is also a matter of a brokerage account and what is called a "feed" or direct access to market information which is also a large extra monthly cost, but it doesn't have to be.

The Forex is an exciting market and their truly are BILLIONS of Dollars traded each day. There is a tremendous opportunity to make money, but there is absolutely no need to spend all your money on some overpriced, hyped up "special" software!

There are numerous good Forex Trading Programs available and a few Really Good Ones. You can educate yourself on successful 4X Trading strategies and actually start doing it for a fraction of what these Seminar Programs want you to spend and spend and spend!

The Forex Market has been a secret money machine for Big Corporations and Financial Institutions for decades. But several years ago, when companies started offering this business opportunity to the public, we started testing and trying different programs.

It is an absolute certainty that it does not have to cost you Thousands, as a matter of fact, there are great programs for a fraction of that. Below are the Forex Trading Programs that are the most comprehensive and easiest to understand. They give you everything you will need to start and succeed at trading the 4X:


Top Forex Programs

Site Link Rating Guarantee Fee
Forex Killer 5 of 5 8 Weeks $89.95
Expert Forex Systems 4.5 8 Weeks $97.00
Institutional Forex System 2 4 8 Weeks $97.00
Smashing Forex 3.5 8 Weeks $97.00