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The Financial Power Group is employing the "FREE" seminar ploy to get you to their presentation and they are going to show you how to become the next Donald Trump, or so they would have you believe!

There truly are COUNTLESS outfits doing the exact same thing and there are even more people getting BURNED by them. The lure of BIG money in Real Estate is a very powerful enticement and these people with their "No Money Down, Get Rich Quick" come on's take full advantage of that.

Anyone with common sense knows that starting a business takes money and most honest hard working people have no problem with that, but programs like The Financial Power Group take that fact to ridiculous extremes. They run EXPENSIVE infomercials, rent big meeting rooms, and pay a sales staff. All for a "FREE" seminar?

It may be free to walk in, but they want you to pay BIG TIME before you walk out! Most programs of this nature start out asking for around $3000 and don't be suprised if they ask for as much as $20,000, all to help you become fabulously wealthy, of course!

Here's the problem, I receive SO MANY emails from people who have attended these "FREE" seminars, many of whom actually invest in the programs and NOT ONCE have I had anyone tell me that they are making money. Without exception, they want me to help them get their money back!!!

The reality is that Real Estate Laws vary from state to state and what works in one state may not in another and these programs require PROOF that you have FAILED with their system BEFORE they will live up to their guarantee. Even if you provide that PROOF it will be close to a MIRACLE if you see one thin dime of your money!!!

The Financial Power Group IS NOT something I would get involved with, I have seen too many bad things happen to good people who become involved with this type of thing

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