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This insider information is presented to you by Dr. Terry Anderson. Dr. Anderson is a Respected University Professor, Financial Aid Expert, Published Author, Consultant, and Online Scholar. 
The purpose is to assist students because colleges are facing severe financial crunches as the result of the economic downturn. College  Financial Aid is now even more difficult to secure than any time in the past. 

NOW is the time to take action!  

Resultingly, we offer to you "How College Financial Aid Works"  as a valuable resource to help you not only understand the entire process and to offer you an extremely valuable resource essential to your children (and grandchildren)to get the financial assistance, they are entitled to, for the college of their choice. 
With ALL of the costs of college SKYROCKETING, this information will be absolutely crucial for success.
This information is delivered in audio and video formats, so that you can easily follow along and understand every detail. It's essential to successfuly winning your Financial Aid Package. 
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Audio Table of Contents
Introduction to How College Financial Aid Works

What REALLY Is Financial Aid ?

How Do I Apply for Need-Based Aid?

Formulas and Applying

A Financial Aid Example

What Happens If I Qualify?

Scholarships: Merit-based

Scholarships: Local and National

What If I Have to Get a Job?

Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

What About Loans?

Student Loans

Parent Loans

Some Words of Wisdom

FREE Bonus: "Tuition Assistance For The Middle Class" (Audio pamphlet will become a "live " hyperlink after requesting information)

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Video Table of Contents
College Bound: Admissions and Financial Aid

Making Sense of Financial Aid

Financial Aid Basics

Financial Aid: The University's Insider Guide

Ten Ways To Screw Up Financial Aid And How To Avoid Them!!!

Tips On College Financial Aid And Admissions

 How Facebook & My Space are Affecting College Admissions & Acceptance

 Are Student Loans not harder to get?

Student Loans : How to Find a Low-Interest Student Loan

Student Loans: How to Apply for Free Government Grants, Loans & Scholarships

Surviving Student Loans And College Debt

Paying off Student Loans

Student Loans: How to Apply for Free Government Grants, Loans & Scholarships

FREE Bonus: Links To Essential Resource Directory (These resource links will become "live" hyperlinks after requesting information)

•How College Admission Works

•How the SATs Work

•College Search: Online information on colleges and careers

•Department of Education - Financial Aid Applications

• Paying for college

•CollegeBoard Financial Aid Calculators

•College Parents of America

•Council for Aid to Education

•National Association of State Student Grant and Aid Programs

•National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

•Education Assistance Corp. (non-profit)



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